September 15, 2020

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When Ryo ultimately betrayed Akira by revealing all of the footage he took of him as Devilman and starting the chaos around the world, Akira took it hard. As shown with other Devilmen, Akira is able to communicate with other Devilmen through telepathy but his is limited compared other Devilmen. He is able to look into a person's memories and for a short while appear visible to a person. This was even more apparent when Ryo revealed that he had orchestrated for Akira to be possessed by Amon so that Akira would be strong enough to survive the coming apocalypse and that Ryo was actually the fallen angel Satan. Originally a regular human, he gained the power of the demon Amon after being inducted into a Sabbath ritual organised by his best friend Ryo Asuka. Originally passive and weak-willed, thanks to the efforts of Ryo Asuka he is possessed by the demon hero Amon, gaining the demon's powers and memories while maintaining his human consciousness due to his pure heart, whilst gaining Amon's bravery, strength and willingness to fight. They each displayed genuine care and affection towards one another. Enhanced Strength, Speed, Durability, Claws, Flight, Body Heat GenerationTake your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He also grew noticeably taller. Galactic Creatures Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community.Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He is a Devilman who fused with the mighty demon Amon and became a fighter for the sake of humanity. As Devilman, his skin becomes a bluish-gray, fur covers his legs and he has clawed feet and fingers. He can shoot beams from the antenna on his forehead. In his human state, he was able to run at very high speeds, faster than professional athletes, and his enhanced strength allowed him to force locked doors open and defeat five thugs with only one arm. Another less seen ability is his power to phase through solid objects even through inches of hard steel. With humans hopeless against this threat, Ryo suggests combining with a demon. He can also release energy from his antenna but in a less focused way than his normal Devil Beam. The horns on his head could also improve his hearing, allowing him to sense incoming projectiles based on sounds and air pressure. Akira was originally a weak young man with an average build for a teenager. Akira, furious at his friend for driving the world into chaos, fights against him but ends up falling in battle. Some demons stated that he could even be a major threat to Zennon. At times, Akira would even tease and even push Ryo into doing activities for fun.

After his transformation into Devilman, he gained a lean yet sturdy figure with dark circles around his eyes and messy hair. His head is covered in hair that sprouts small wings off the sides and antenna near the top and forms a widow's peak with a red forehead. He was protective of her against people such as Akira also highly valued his relationship with Ryo Asuka, seeing him as one of his closest best friends. He also has a tail with an arrow-headed spade at the tip. Devilman can also release energy at an opponent through heightened psychic abilities. He is also able to possess objects, most notably the Devilman Ghost costume made by Jun and fight through said objects with impressive strength and psychic power that can effortlessly tear through enemies. Devilman vs Getter Robo took this a step further by combining with the Getter Robo itself. He was rather scrawny and had kept brown hair that had a small tuft near the back. For a limited amount of time, Devilman can leave Hell and interact with the physical world, but his actions are very limited without a physical body. In the original video animation, Akira was voiced by Shō Hayami and Alan D Marriott. As Devilman his strength, speed, and reflexes allow him to tear through enemies before they even have the chance to react.

After his first transformation into his Devilman, he became much more physically powerful; having greater strength, speed, reflexes, and combat skills. His physical parameters are increased several times fold compared to a normal human with enough physical resistance to take a flurry of powerful hits and was able to continue fighting even after he lost an arm and had his stomach slashed open. With this, Akira becomes Devilman, a being with the power of demon but with a human heart.

Even then, Akira trusted Ryo to end his life if he ever became anything like a demon. His forehead extending to his crown turns red, and grows a pair of antennae. In the Devilman Lady manga, after spending a long time in Hell, Akira's powers have heightened to extremes that rival even Satan's. Akira's reasons seem to be tied to catching up with his parents, as shown when he thinks of reaching out to people, as well as keeping a pair of running shoes his Akira becomes cockier after his initial transformation, openly challenging thugs to a fight, and entering a track race with no worries. Before his transformation, Akira was not very physically impressive, being the slowest member of the track club. Depending on the artwork, Akira's skin color remains the same as his human or gains a blue-green hue (rarely it is also depicted as red), and the sclera of his eyes are either white or yellow, which are said to be full of grief. Ryoichi Tanaka was the first voice actor behind Akira, debuting in the 1972 anime. Like many male Go Nagai characters, he has prominent sideburns.

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