September 15, 2020

can african soft furred rats live with fancy rats

Many years later I am physically disabled and can't work, but have time now for more snakes! Many years later I am physically disabled and can't work, but have time now for more snakes! Anyway, I was wondering what is so special about African Soft Furred rats? The reason it's okay is because a male mouse would live with a group of females in the wild, so as long as the ASF(s) are all female they can live with a male mouse. If it is okay to house African soft fur rats with mice, why? Here is where the African soft furred rats come in. They are smart and I keep some as pets. Sorry for all the questions, and thanks for all your help in advance They aren't rats or mice, but are a species of their own. They should at least be in a 20g tank. What makes it safe? Weird right?I put an ad on "Craigslist" just to sell the extra ones and I got enough of a response that I thought I could keep a small supply ASF rats for the local snake owners and those funds could help pay for food and bedding which very quickly became a monthly bill to be dealt with. I do enjoy them. I've seen a female or two housed with a male mouse before and I was wondering if it was safe?

African soft fur rats have interested me for a while but I have yet to learn much about them, so I thought I'd ask here. Live African Soft Furred Rats for Feeders, Breeders and Pets; My name is Mike and I breed African Soft Furred Rats in Poughkeepsie, NY to feed my pet snakes. To pay for this hobby I breed more than I can use and sell them in order to buy supplies. Yes I took them up on their offer. Live African Soft Furred Rats. Although they are a different species, they coexist with fancy mice peacefully. Are they rats or mice (I heard somewhere that they were actually mice but I'm not sure :/)? Pick up only, I do not deliver. And my rat babies grow even faster! Thanks. Top. My name is Mike Silver and I am a snake owner that lives in Poughkeepsie N.Y..  Years ago my son and I owned a few snakes but life happened and we had to make a decision to gift our pets to a friend with a snake and reptile shop. Way more than if I just drove to the pet shop and spent $8.00 or $10.00 on the feeders for my 3 snakes. (2) 03/26/2020 . That's it, I'm done with African Soft Fur Rats! Are they just like fancy rats? The last thing a disabled guy wants to do is drive to a store every week just to find out they don't have appropriate size feeders for my pets. zifernandez SA Reptiles member (restricted) Posts: 10 Joined: Sun Sep 20, 2009 7:57 am. Please read the forum rules before posting. Some people do keep them as pets, though. Yayyy! People call them both Natal multimammate mice and African soft furred rats, but truth is they aren't a mouse or a rat. We Live for the Moment! I've heard that they are very soft and do not smell very much. At the time, I had to feed my King Snake and my Bull Snake "fuzzies" sized food, and my new 20 year old Ball Python needed as large as I could raise. Could giving a male mouse an African soft fur be beneficial in terms of socialization? I read all about them and I was convinced it would be a great thing if I had a stock of those Asf rats at home to feed my pet snakes with. The King Snake did not want them. A 10 gallon tank with at least one hide, one toy, and preferably a wheel can house 2-3 mice. How do mice nd African soft furs interact, do mice (when I say mice I mean fancy mice) treat the African soft fur rats as though they were another fancy mouse? About the African Soft Fur: African Soft Furs (Commonly called ASF's for short) are a great alternative to rats if one desires a rodent that does not surpass the size of a medium rat in their full adult state. Cleaned properly (ie: before you notice a smell) tanks are perfectly acceptable methods of housing. I lucked out in July of 2018.

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