September 15, 2020

danger at dunwater 5e pdf

They fully adhere to the rules set forth in the Community Content Agreement of the DMsGuild. If they've cut down one lizardfolk or five or ten, they're likely to continue even if they start to get evidence that things might not be as they seem. Canny adventurers might even represent Saltmarsh and forge a tenuous alliance between lizard people and humanity. Danger at Dunwater is the second in a three part adventure, and it’s one of the best D&D modules you’ve never played.But, much like its predecessor, the Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh, there’s much more going on than meets the eye.

The CCA states that adventure conversions must be: Danger at Dunwater - New DM Seeking Tips: Really stumped on the RP possibilities with lizardfolk.

They died pretty quickly - a spider got them - but until then it had worked surprisingly well. It consisted of a 30 page booklet and cover folder with maps.This conversion guide allows DMs to run the original module with 5th Edition rules and provides a reference sheet for encounters.This adventure is intended for 4 to 6 characters of levels 2-3.To use this conversion guide you will need a copy of "Classic Modules Today are a series of products that convert early edition Dungeons & Dragons and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons adventure modules to the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition rule set.

Danger at Dunwater, the lizard folk have invited representatives from the koalinth, the locathah, and the merfolk to a council in Dunwater. This adventure can be played by 6-10 characters of levels 1-4. They can sneak in, perform some sort of ruse, or go in swords drawn. They have little guarantee that they'll get them back and players hate losing their stuff. download 12 Files download 7 Original. Danger at Dunwater My boys and I continued our second campaign, following up their leads from the Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh. Danger at Dunwater is the second adventure of seven in the Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign book.It has the party venturing into a lizardfolk lair to learn why the scaly humanoids are preparing for war – eventually making the characters responsible for establishing an alliance with the savage and distrustful lizardfolk. It's a bit heavy handed but sometimes we need to be heavy handed to help steer an adventure towards the most fun.It's important to note that players very rarely surrender in D&D. This title was added to our catalog on October 13, 2017. To use this conversion guide you will need a copy of " U2 Danger at Dunwater ", originally available in hard-copy and now for sale in Digital format at .
Usually every week one or two old Greyhawk products are rereleased for sale there, like City of Skulls and Treasures of Greyhawk last week. It will likely dawn on the players that they maybe shouldn't have killed all of those lizardfolk in the first place.

From the chamber of the lizard minister, which is full of books on politics, negotiation, and the like, to the banquet hall and hatchery–you get a definite sense of the personality of this clan of lizardfolk.Or how about a rolling fight with 25 Bullywugs that’s just good clean fun.Or there’s the encounter with the Sahuagin, where one of the sea-devils offers an alliance with the PCs in order to fight the lizardmen. See "Epilogue: Croc Hunt" for the details.For the bullywug encounter, we can go beyond what's in the adventure.In this expanded encounter, King Gulpa'Gor, his pet giant toad Bipsy, and about a dozen bullywugs are watching two bullywugs duel one another. This adventure can be played by 6-10 characters of levels 1-4. This is a good opportunity to read up on bullywugs in the How the characters choose to deal with this situation is up to them.

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