September 15, 2020

do you think humans have a moral obligation to preserve the habitat of the chimpanzee

It is said that what has intrinsic value has ultimate moral value (Woods, 2010). The usage of chimpanzees for scientific research has been decliningIn Respect for Nature, Paul Taylor develops the following four elements of the biocentric outlook on nature: We have a moral responsibility to protect the incredible life forms with which we share this planet for now and for future generations. One species of wolfAbstract The purpose of this paper is to reveal environmentalHumans’ Moral Obligation to Preserve Endangered SpeciesHumans’ Moral Obligation to Preserve Endangered Species To answer this, the following issue will be address below.For the future of our children and grandchildren that humans care for, and for the animals and plants, humans need to preserve endangered species. Many species that exists today are becoming endangered to extinction. ANSWER RATING: Sign up to view the full answer View Full Answer About this Question. Environmental ethics studies the effects of human’s moral relationships on the environment and everything within it (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2008). Thus, for the well being of the future generation, humans have a moral obligation to preserve endangered species.Another argument is that when people are traveling to different places, the first thing a person notices is the culture of the place. Click to let others know, how helpful is it 5.0 2 votes 1. As the human populati view the full answer Previous question Next question Thus, culture is what makes one place unique from other places. Kantian theory follows the same principle, but with greater emphasis on the respect for all things involved with ethical quandaries.

If humans continue to exploit species in our ecosystem especially endangered ones and pollutes the environment, negative consequences will affect the future. Every place has a unique species in which it can only be found in those places. The paper focuses on two major occurrences; the Hurricane Katrina disaster and the BP oil spill tragedy. (Amazon Aid Foundation) But only individuals can be said to have interests; one only has moral obligations to particular individuals or particular groups thereof. p. 475. On this present time however, extinction of species are threatened by humans’ existence. 2014). People value their own culture and proudly represent them on such occasions to show off their unique culture.Such occasions like Olympics where athletes from different countries around the world gather and shows off their culture by wearing their cultural clothes and waving their flag would be an example. Zoos across the worldit is human nature to look for a common enemy. Chimpanzees are our closest living relatives both biologically and socially (Stanford et. Through captivity, exotic animals were kept for the sake of human enjoyment. al., 2017). Thus, humans have a moral obligation to preserve endangered species for such reasons focus on biodiversity, future generation and cultural icon... Showed first 250 characters ”; Regan (1983. p. 359) maintains, “The rights view is a view about the moral rights of individuals.Species are not individuals, and the rights view does not recognize the moral rights of species to anything, including survival.
The Romans, influenced by Sumerian values and culture, enjoyed exotic animals and found the concept to be amusing. We have a moral obligation to protect all living beings and their habitats because as we all know, killing isn’t a good thing. This is also the most important reason on why people who are informed about the similarities between human and chimpanzees put a very special value to chimpanzees. However, one could argue if humans should still have a moral obligation to preserve endangered species, if the humans present now will not exist and benefit in the future in that sense.
Those unique species is a part of which it represents their culture.For instance, a caribou is a cultural icon of Manitoba; Philippine eagle is an endangered species and is the national bird of the Philippines; as well as panda bears for China, koala bears for Australia and others. In addition, the obligations should be attached to the species as a whole. As well as all species have a purpose for one organism or so. However, individual animals can have interest. Unfortunately, several of the animals have become noted on the endangered species list. As Holm Rolston (Duties to Endangered Species p. 324) refers to the authors as such: Singer (1929, p. 203) asserts, “Species as such are not conscious entities and so do not have interests above and beyond the interests of the individual animals that are members of the species. If we simply identify wild animals, then we must ask ourselves if we are preserving a wild species if the animals themselves are forced to spend their lives in captivity? Thus, future generation will pay for the consequences if extinction of endangered species is ignored. As well as, humans care for their children and grandchildren and their future. Doesn’t this apply to all animals based on pure compassion for living creatures? The wrong that humans are doing or allowing to happen through carelessness, is stopping the historical flow in which vitality of life is laid. The limits to such obligations of humans to preserve endangered species are only to the extent of what they can control. In addition, the resources for medicines to find cures for present untreatable illnesses would also be affected due to extinction of endangered species. For instance, a caribou is a cultural icon of Manitoba; Philippine eagle is an endangered species and is the national bird of the Philippines; as well as panda bears for China, koala bears for Australia and others.

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