September 15, 2020

fairy tail who is zeref wife

and after some debating they decide to do so.

Eventually, he found himself on the secluded Tenrou Island, hoping to stay completely cut off from humanity. She states there is way to defeat him without endangering Natsu's life. Making no attempt to defend himself, Zeref revealed one more thing if he dies then so will Natsu as he is his creation. Fairy Tail (フェアリーテイル, Fearī Teiru, romanized as FAIRY TAIL in Japan) is a Japanese manga series by Hiro Mashima. August soon reflects on how only his mother could defeat him before catching a glimpse of her causing him to relent in his spell of destroying the city to resort to killing himself.

Zeref and Mavis converse over their lives and how their curse has affected them before Mavis expresses her hate for him and her love which causes her to kiss him. Gray skips to the point by asking Zeref what his goal was as Zeref answered it was to procure Fairy Heart. Zeref helped the dragons by enlisting the help of Celestial Spirit Wizard named Anna and had her utilize his invention the Eclipse Gate which allowed the Dragons and their children to leap forward to the future. As Natsu laid unconscious, his body started to smoke and become ice cold as his friends cry out his name. With Natsu now gone, Zeref's wounds heal and he prepares to go through with his plans to obtain Fairy Heart now that no one is capable of defeating him so he will not hesitate any longer. Acnologia states he will use them to stabilize his power while Natsu (recalling his foster father's death at the dragon king's hands) angrily demands for him to be silent.

Zeref helped them do so, and had the Celestial Spirit Mage Anna Heartfilia open the Eclipse Gate to the future, while also four hundred years later having Layla Heartfilia open another version of the Gate to connect the two time periods, allowing the Dragon Slayers chosen (Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, Sting and Rogue) to arrive in the future on July 7, X777.After his magic unintentionally causes him to kill a pack of wolves on Tenrou Island, Zeref sadly sat down while wondering how long he has to wait until he sees Natsu.

This likely explains why Natsu didn't recognize Zeref on Tenrou Island or his recalling Wendy's name in their meeting. Larcade then tells Sting that After Sting achieves White Shadow Dragon Mode, he tells Larcade that he's been following Natsu for years and right now he is standing in his way as the latter states he will kill Natsu while calling Sting a weakling who can't stand up to him. After Zeref expresses his disagreement, Invel decides to control Mavis' mind instead and Zeref takes the girl to show her the guild's predicament: the building surrounded by the armies and Spriggan 12 themselves, with their emperor wondering if Mavis' comrades can break through.

After defeating the first wave of the invasion, Natsu and Happy snuck off so that Natsu could face Zeref while the latter smiles for Natsu's arrival. Afterwards, Larcade overpowers Sting and when questioning him as to why he was fighting for the sake of guild that wasn't his own; Sting informed Larcade it was for the sake of his friends and that of Natsu's. Invel internally states his intention of molding Gray into a warrior capable of defeating E.N.D due to believing it is the only thing standing in Zeref's way of his ultimate goal. Kagura questions as to why a person using such pure magic would serve the evil Zeref as Larcade reveals to the Mermaid Heel Mage that Zeref is his "father". At that second, Natsu angrily grabs and tells Zeref that life isn't about being allowed or not allowed anything but instead about making his own happiness stating that's what a family is. As he moves to fulfill his goal, Natsu (having been revived through Lucy writing in his book) stands and confronts the surprised Zeref once more.

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