September 15, 2020

frightful's mountain summary chapter 6

If he is killed, Juana is to remain hidden and then escape when the trackers leave: "There is no choice . Yet, as this happens, a construction crew moves onto the bridge to begin work. Tenderly and fumblingly, he touches Coyotito and then Juana's cheek; then he removes his torn and ragged white clothes so that his brown skin will be difficult to see in the darkness. (chapter 6) Frightful's Mountain chapters 5-6 DRAFT. Edit. Frightful's Mountain Chapters 7-10 No teams 1 team 2 teams 3 teams 4 teams 5 teams 6 teams 7 teams 8 teams 9 teams 10 teams Custom Press F11 Select menu option View > … Coyotito's education becomes the baby's sick and fevered face. His knife is hanging down his back so that it will not hit a stone and make a noise. Sam continues to work on his bed when he is startled by a woman's voice asking him what he is doing there. Three times she refuses before Kino relinquishes. Played 114 times. Click to see the original works with their full license. 3 years ago. In Chapter 7, what mountain did the strong winds carry Frightful down from? When his home is finished in early June, Sam has a better grasp on his survival. He and Juana decide to hide in little erosion caves. 58% average accuracy. What did Sam do to comfort Frightful on the Bridge?He crawled underneath the bridge and spoke encouraging words to her, softly. Kathryn_Sheehan3. Literature Notes They were walking side by side, rather than in single file, as is customary. Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 Overview. From there, Frightful’s two babies will be raised and hacked into the wild. Greensburg Salem English Language Arts 6 Frightful's Mountain Study. Study Guides Instructing Juana to keep Coyotito quiet, he cautiously creeps to the clearing, "an animal light" in his eyes.

Chapter 6: I Meet One of My Own Kind and Have a Terrible Time Getting Away Sam finishes his home inside the tree on the fifth notch of June. ''His eyes were focused on something down the mountain. As he inches within a short distance from the tracker with the rifle (the others are sleeping), the moon begins to rise, and Kino is desperate. Notice that these ideas are expressed in a one-to-one relationship.As the trackers track down Kino and Juana, Kino becomes more like a wild animal. He awakens suddenly from a restless sleep and is immediately alerted to some noise. The pearl, if it can be sold, will allow Coyotito to go to school and to be a part of this new world, but first Kino must make his way through a strange and alien world. He knows the date because he has been keeping track of his days using an Aspen pole that he puts notches in. Homework . It is a crash course for Frightful, who must not only learn to eat new kinds of food –primarily ducks and other birds, whereas she had been trained to hunt small game by Sam –but to care for wild baby falcons.As November comes on, and all the falcons and other birds migrate south, Frightful stays on, determined to find her old mountain, and her old home. The tree is big enough for him to carve out a shelter and remain hidden from others, should the need arise. He has a bracelet with 426 on it. This lesson will describe the events in the Chapters 5 and 6 of Jean Craighead George's book 'My Side of the Mountain.' He was raised in captivity. Kino, however, is frightened that Coyotito may cry, and so he relegates to Juana the responsibility of seeing that Coyotito makes no noise.When the trackers arrive, they immediately see the false tracks up the other side of the mountain. My Side of the Mountain Homework Help Questions. Attempts to move Frightful and her eggs fail, so when it comes time to paint the bridge, the crews decide they will paint the section of the bridge with Frightful on it, last.

. Sam decides that he'll catch one and teach it to hunt for him.Did you know… We have over 200 college It sinks into the water and settles down to the sandy bottom among the waving branches of the water plants. Chapter 10-There Are Eggs and Trouble . Create an account to start this course today "In this final chapter of the novel, Steinbeck begins his narrative by having his characters make an exodus from the town, and he ends the chapter (and the novel) with the return of the travelers to the town, thus making the chapter circular in structure. Sam takes a break from his work on the tree to search for food. He tells her he is headed to the library. Steinbeck tells us that it was late in the afternoon when they arrived back in town. . The pearl, if it can be sold, will allow Coyotito to go to school and to be a part of this new world, but first Kino must make his way through a strange and alien world.As they begin their journey, "some ancient thing stirred in Kino. They have "gone through pain and [have] come out on the other side." He tells Juana that when the trackers follow the false trails, they can then slip away down to the lowlands again. My Side of the Mountain Summary by Jean Craighead George Free Summary. After he finishes eating, he begins to stamp out his fire, but stops himself when he realizes how to make the work of finishing his home easier - fire.
Chapter 6 begins with Kino and his family making an exodus from his known world to enter a new, strange world where they do not know their way. In Chapter 8, what was the first stop Jon and Susan made with Frightful?

He decides that even if crow isn't the best tasting bird, it will provide him with the nourishment he needs. Chapter 8-Hunger Is Frightful's Teacher . I stood up and looked.

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