September 15, 2020

hsg sugar glider diet

hsg diet Highland Sugar Glider diet was designed for us by Dr. Heidi Bissell, Exotic Aninal Nutritionist to specifically address sugar glider needs. There are many diets available, from recipes to commercially made products. According to the AZA Nutritional Advisory, "The most appropriate diet for your animal is one that accounts for its nutritional, husbandry, behavioral, and clinical needs as well as individual preferences. We're trying to create the best experience for you & your fuzzy family. Over the years, we’ve tested ALL kinds of different protein-based foods that “claim” to eliminate odors in Sugar gliders, but we’ve never found anything that works NEARLY as well a special, dry pelleted food called “Glide-R-Chow ™”.. Now, once you’ve built your dining room, when it’s time to add or change food every day, just pull the whole container out of the cage, give it a quick RINSE, and set up the food just the way you want it.
Sugar gliders breed like rabbits and they aren’t ever forced to breed. Sugar Gliders have become quite the popular exotic house pet. While a little bit of this kind of thing is fine when they are OLDER – like the occasional almond or cheerio – it’s VERY important to remember that little baby Sugar gliders do not have all the stomach enzymes they need to be able to digest a WIDE variety of foods without sometimes getting sick.

They are naturally … In other words, 3/4 of what they eat every day is their pellet food & gravy. .. Not only does it have all the vitamin and mineral supplements your Sugar gliders need – it also is LOADED with several special ingredients that MAKE SURE your Sugar glider’s entire digestive system in TIP–TOP condition. They feed on nectar, pollen, acacia, and eucalyptus tree sap.

TPG SUGAR GLIDER NUTRITION SYSTEM (To go straight to the recipe, please click here.) The other 25% would be what we call “LIVE” food; like insects, baby birds, bird eggs, etc.. This is not to say you cannot feed anything that doesn't have this ratio but maintain the proper overall ratio with all the combined foods you feed. For example, during weekend shows and events where we exhibit, our staff will almost always have at least 4-5 little 8 week old babies bonding with them in their different shirt pockets for HOURS at a time – and even at that young age, they’ll rarely go to the bathroom in our pockets. The reason you want this container to have a sealable lid, is so that you can easily take the whole thing in and out of their cage – any time you want – without spilling anything. Purchase links for ingredients in this diet are listed at the bottom. We also suggest that you DO NOT dice these apples into small chunks – because they dry out a lot quicker that way – and your Sugar gliders won’t get the full benefit of all that natural fruit juice. When it comes to raising a happy and healthy BABY Sugar glider, we’re REALLY talking about TWO things. I have now learned that HPW has not only been linked to food aggression but cannibalizing of joeys. The first is the feeding and the protection of your Sugar glider – and the second is how to get your new baby Sugar gliders to BOND with you and your whole family – in such a way that you can’t WAIT to see each other every day!… Now,…Let’s start with one of the most MISUNDERSTOOD and EXAGGERATED parts of raising Sugar gliders – and that is WHAT to feed them…. The other 25% is fresh fruits and vegetables. Please note if you decide to switch your gliders to this diet you will need to wean them off of their old diet and onto HSG Diet by increasing the percentage of HSG Diet while lowering the percentage of their other diet by 10% per day.3 Cups full fat live culture yogurt  GREEK GOD YOGURT(NOTE: You can substitute freshly fermented 24-hour Kefir or your own fermented probiotic yogurt)10 drops Vitamin E oil equaling 200 IU – you can use 1 capsule of 200 IU Vitamin E per batchNote: If you use yogurt instead of kefir you will need to thin the batch with yogurt drink or apple juice to the desired consistency. The product is called Glide-A-Mins™– and it’s a calcium-based, vitamin and mineral supplement that is made SPECIFICALLY for Sugar gliders. Add to Cart From the day you bring your new baby Sugar glider home, you will find that they are TREMENDOUSLY playful little creatures, and because of their fun-loving nature – it will be VERY tempting to want to give them all sorts of CUTE…FUN… foods. The first is a CLEAR piece of Tupperware – or some other kind of clear plastic bowl or box with a sealable lid. Now, if you only have one baby Sugar glider, cut them about an eighth of a slice of apple every day and leave the peeling on it – but just be sure to cut the seeds out.

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