September 15, 2020

junk rig sailboat for sale

The sink gets an A+. This is an auxiliary rudder system. • Thick wall made from polished anodized aluminum If you've dreamed of a Colvin Gazelle you could make your own, without stooping to get to the aft bunk, this might be your chance. Join millions of people using Oodle to find unique used boats for sale, fishing boat listings, jetski classifieds, motor boats, power boats, and sailboats. Docked in Morro Bay, California and sailed often.

I have a ton of equipment in my garage. Bedford, NH There is no provision for securing the bitter end of the anchor rode, but a big galvanized eyebolt installed in the well by the owner will solve that one.The running lights leave something to be desired. Bruce Bingham Design Pacific Seacraft Hull #53 1978 Fiberglass Honda 9.9 Outboard Sloop Rig Trailer included No Head-Port-Potty This little Flicka has been well taken care of and sailed with love. Engine model: outboard replaced by two cylinder DIXD Hercules inboard dieselbelow waterline - YACAL (very heavy hard wood from far east - comprable to teak)HAS OVER 4 TONS OF LEAD, draws 3 1/2 ft, shallow draft Chinese style keel,Previous owner used "Practical Junk Rig" book by Hasler/Mcleod as guide.Once he built the masts and completed sails, he spent time playing with the boat.BOTH MASTS ON TABERNACLES, LAY DOWN EASILY WITH SAILS ON(VERY COOL AND HANDY, remove one 1" bolt for main mast, 3/4" for forward,mast's will pivot on remaining bolts and lay down securely next to each other1 " Monel prop shaft 5 ft long, cutlass bearing and stuffing box in good shape,4 layers cloth at water line. The boat was replaced by the similar S2 8.6, which continued until S2 stopped making sailboats in 1986.ConstructionThe hull of the S2 8.5 is a solid hand layup. This well-designed carefully-constructed steel hull will make a great blue-water cruiser for your family and friends, and is an unique opportunity for someone looking for a "clean slate". It is from June of 2010 before he had his heart attack in November of the same year.Let me know if any questions. $89 is for the pair, two. The companionway slide is one of the best we’ve seen. She did everything ever asked of her and did it extremely well bespeaking both the success of the Flicka design, the wisdom crafted into it's turn-of-the-century ancestors and the diligence of those in the plant which translates the Flicka into a 20th century reality. • Ribbed stanchion tube Inevitably, the hull liner and even the overhead will get wet. Sort By 62' Tom Colvin Pipestrelle Steel Schooner ... top-sail gaff-cutter, bald-headed gaff-cutter, lateen, and Chinese Lug (Junk rig). This is usually on the top edge of the transom. Model Schooner.

Major features are: Corten steel construction; wide open deck spaces; deck-stepped masts in over-built tabernacles; traditional dead eye standing rigging; oversize deck railings and lifelines; three major private sleeping areas. Docked in Morro Bay, California and sailed often. St Germain, WI $129,000 © SmartMarineGuide New York, NY - All rights Fillet bonding is neat and workmanlike with no rough edges to be found.Chainplates are conventional stainless steel flat bar, bolted to bulkheads and plywood gussets in the main cabin. Halyards and Cunningham lead aft along the cabin house top to a pair of Lewmar #8 winches. No better deal can be found on solid and ready to sail Great Lakes cruiser with a clean inboard diesel - it is just time for me to move it along.
Otherwise you couldn't pry my cold dead hands off her. A proper seacock—whether it uses a ball valve or a tapered plug—has a heavy flange to allow through bolting to the hull. The foot of the port settee runs under the galley counter, making it long enough for sleeping, although your feet may feel a little claustrophobic in the tiny footwell.The starboard settee is an unusual configuration. That's about 3000 miles on the bike…Shyam, if you make a listing for this boat, with an easy link, maybe some of us could pass it around. How about asking the owner to write up a little article for the magazine, I for one would be interested to know how this all came about, and others may be as well - it could be a win/win for you too.Ah, I see a couple more photos, I think I saw something about this on the internet somewhere, a year or two ago...Interesting boat! $129

The Dipping Lug Sail The dipping lug sail, is perhaps the most efficient and cheapest, type of sailing rig especially for small sailboats however it isn't as handy as the standing lugger or the balanced lugsail.

This is far safer than many tapered companionways, where boards practically fall out if you look at them wrong. • 2 7/8" (7cm) diameter ribbed stanchion tube, 9" diameter 6 hole base plate $8,000

Find Sailboats for Sale in Detroit on Oodle Classifieds. maintained I recently have a boy (which I named the boat after), so I have no time, for a boat that requires a lot of time.

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