September 15, 2020

model 1839 potsdam musket

Prussian M1809/31 Infantry Musket (aka Potsdam Musket) Prussian Model 1809 Infantry Musket (aka "Potsdam Musket").71 caliber, percussion conversion, with bayonet.

He refers to the Prussian muskets as "72/100", but some were actually up to .80 caliber. 1839 PRUSSIAN MODEL 1831 POTSDAM MUSKET Royal Prussian .75 caliber model 1831 percussion musket.

Some oxidation near percussion nipple. By bidding at our auction whether in person or by agent, sealed bid, telephone bid or other means, the buyer or bidder agrees that the contract created by these conditions of sale is made and performed in the County of Rock Island, State of Illinois.We accept credit cards for payment for any winning online bidders at all sales. We will arrange for packing and shipping at our earliest possible convenience.

Prussia began large-scale conversion from flintlock to percussion circa 1839, becoming the M1809/39, but research indicates conversions may have started as early as 1831.

The following conditions of sale make up the entire terms and conditions on which items listed in our catalog and addendum sheets will be offered for sale or sold by Rock Island Auction Company (known hereafter as "RIAC") and any client for whom we act as an agent.

These are the conditions of the sale. Buyer pays all shipping and insurance charges. An encircled "S", a "CROWN/FW" and a "Crown/S are all stamped on the left flat. As with Swedish military muskets, that also clung to pinned barrels (until pattern 1778), the Potzdam musket ha… Prussian Model 1809 Infantry Musket (aka "Potsdam Musket") .71 caliber, percussion conversion, with bayonet. Brass furniture is very good.

If you need further information concerning markings, etc., please make your request via the Some were later rifled beginning in 1855 (as well as the M 1839) to M 1809/55 U/M and got an adjustable rear sight, Overall length is 56” with a 41” .75 caliber barrel.

Ordinance records list 142,823 being purchased and placed in service by the Federal government during 1861 and 1862. Then I believe of the additional Prussian arms he purchased from Berlin, about 20,000 were rifled. By 1813, only about 55,000 muskets had been made (growing to 65,000 by 1815) and by the end of production in 1839, 3 million muskets had been made. Some of these weapons remained in service until mid-1864. Frederick the Great's army used it along with German troops in the American Revolution. Prussian Model 1809 Infantry Musket (aka "Potsdam Musket") .71 caliber, percussion conversion, with bayonet. These muskets were made in a number of arsenals including Potsdam; Neisse in Prussian Silesia; and Saarn in the Rhineland. Generally, all items shipped out of state are tax free sales. We are selling this as an antique / curio item and not warranted safe to shoot. These weapons saw service during the Napoleonic Wars and many of these were acquired during the American Civil War and were used by both sides during that conflict; this would also be considered correct for revolutionary Texas.

NOTE TO ALL BUYERS: Method of payment will be U.S. currency or certified check drawn on an American bank.
To establish a tax free sale, a copy of a valid resellers permit or other instrument of information must be provided to our satisfaction establishing a sales tax exemption.

The Potzdam Infantry Musket Model 1723 was the first standard long-gun of the Prussian Army. The Prussian Model 1809 Smoothbore Musket (often referred to as “the Potsdam Musket”) was the most common Prussian arm imported during the American Civil War. Acceptance of a bidder card constitutes acceptance of the following terms and conditions. This is a very good example of a rarely encountered Civil War musket.We will arrange for packing and shipping at our earliest possible convenience. The tang of the butt plate is dated “1835”.

The name "Potsdam" comes from the guns made at the Prussian Potsdam arsenal, but other manufacturing locations noted are Saarn, Neisse, Suhl, and Dresden; this one is marked Saarn. Bore has surface oxidation marks. The stock is in fine condition with sharp edges, legible inspection and Ordnance marks and moderate handling wear. Don't Miss Your Next Treasure. He also bought muskets in Vienna, but I believe those were the Austrian model 1842 smoothbore tube locks. All sales are final at the fall of the Auctioneer’s hammer.

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