September 15, 2020

my parrot has a runny nose

Vitamin A deficiencies are most commonly seen in Amazon parrots.

Thanked 975 Times in 835 Posts Watch her closely for crop slow down, and for any sign of wetness at the crease of her beak that doesn't go away... both sign of a canidae infection. Hi my Amazon green parrot has become very quiet and retracted in the past few days.

WOW! New congo grey baby comes home sometime in May! It is also transmittable to humans. There is one other avian emergency vet in our area (about 45 minutes away) that's a bit more expensive but they're willing to see him tonight. We noticed tonight that our catalina has a bit of a runny nose.

If your cat has both nasal and ocular discharge, then the most common cause will be a vial disease.This is especially the case in young kittens. Once they show symptoms they are usually loaded with bacteria I'm sorry to say. So she put her on Doxycycline now? She put her on Baytril without anti fungal so I'm thinking it's not her normal practice. Usually wait 24 hours after the last dose then it's OK. Click on a term to search for related topics. You have to know your bird. My cat has a runny nose,one leaky eye, sneezes often, he's also lost his appetite and won't move of the sofa, he's been like this for 2 days now, im getting worried, Aug. 13, 2018. So I picked up the doxycycline today and she said start it tonight. A parrot's nostrils go to a slot shaped hole that may be seen in the roof of the mouth.The most common causes of a nasal discharge are 1) a vitamin A deficiency, or, 2) a nasal infection. But should you ever be concerned when your bird sneezes?If, however, a discharge continues, or if it looks like anything other than a clear, thin fluid, or the sneezing is persistent, or other symptoms are present, then you need to Depending on the severity of the discharge, the sneezing episodes, or how long the problem has been going on, your veterinarian will recommend specific diagnostic tests.

I would play it safe and take him to the vet.Hes a lifelong buddy.As Spiritbird mentioned it can all go downhill quickly.We always keep back around a thousand dollars in case anything like that would happen... Thanked 467 Times in 187 Posts At first we thought that it may have been a side effect of the mosquito truck when they sprayed our neighborhood...he was in the garage.

So your child has a runny nose for the third time this month and you're exhausted by just the thought of getting the whole family tested and going into isolation again.

He's been a bit more agitated today, but other than that is acting fine. Although a parrot may get an air sac infection or congested lungs, this is not the same as a cold, and symptoms do not include a "runny" nose. If your cat has a runny nose, you may or may not notice other signs at the same time.

If the discharge worsens or if improvement is not seen, report this immediately.If your bird’s discharge is a clear, thin fluid and he exhibits no other symptoms, there are a few things you can do to help:The type of discharge produced will usually vary with the cause.
With my experience & having a bird on antibiotics for an extended period there is only a possibility that the bird will get candida.

!M2's, U2's, G2's, RB2's, VOS, RLA's, BFA's, DYHA's, Dusky Pionus, Blue and Green Quakers, Meyers Parrots, VOS, GW Macaw's, Harlequin Macaws, Tiels, YNA, TAG's, CAG's, Blue Crown Conures, Red sided Ecl Thanks for everyone's advice and help it is very appreciated!! Birds tend to hide illness until it is almost to late to remedy a problem.

Thanked 285 Times in 191 Posts You want to be certain you are treating for the right thing, if it were me, i would take a nasal and throat swab and send it in for a sensitivity test to tell me which antibiotic you should be using... yes the vets charge upwards of $200 for a sensitivity test, but with parrots TIME is something you often DON'T have. As a preventative, baby Blue and Golds should be kept well hydrated to keep the kidneys flushed. She's got quite a reputation for lecturing people about all their faults in bird husbandry - I took that to be somewhat fearful about going to see her and yet also thought she just doesn't care who she offends the owners she wants the right thing done for the birds. But first he or she will want a thorough history of the problem. A Macaw's face can get REALLY REALLY RED.. when they are excited. If it's due to a bacterial infection, antibiotics are needed. Mine just gets a faint hint of pink. Thanked 34 Times in 33 Posts

However, if you see other signs of illness along with nasal discharge, it may be a more urgent issue. Sneezing. She's been on for full day now, did seem like the diarrhea was definitely made worse by the doxy today. Thanked 467 Times in 187 Posts Never take it upon yourself to diagnose an illness.

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