September 15, 2020

my tongue piercing hurts at the bottom

In You may be baffled or confused as to why you’re feeling pain underneath the tongue piercing. Tongue piercings can grow back together much more quickly than other piercings.For severe or long-lasting infections, you need to go to a doctor for antibiotic treatment. so I pierced my tongue on april 6 2014. so I pierced my tongue on april 6 2014. That’s inflammation at work. This can cause a slight injury at the bottom hole.

Make sure to visit a dentist for help.

It’s important that you continue to follow good oral hygiene well after the infection and the piercing are healed.

The first time I never had any problems, now the piercing has been hurting for 5 days and the pain is starting to go towards the back of my tongue,(no discharge, but a slight … Your piercer will carefully choose the placement of your tongue piercing to avoid piercing arteries and restricting muscle movement. Wear and tear on the tissues surrounding the piercing, like the gums, the soft palate at the bottom of your mouth, and your teeth, is one of the largest and If you feel like your tongue piercing is destroying or wearing at any of these tissues, not only will you experience pain, but you may face serious health complications. If you’re experiencing pain under your piercing at the bottom, make sure to pay attention.

You may also find other Again, the site of your tongue piercing is going to be a bit red, tender and painful, and this is totally normal. This treatment can be used together with some of the home remedy treatments to restore proper healing process of your piercing.There are various serious infections that should be examined by a doctor to avoid complications like hepatitis.

If you are not taking care of yourself, your dental health will show it. First time for about five years, now for about 3 months. It may also be accompanied with swelling and redness around the affected area.Like any other wound, it is normal to have slight redness occurring around the piercing for few days after the procedure. This is a natural mechanism that is trying to tell you that there is something wrong with your piercing. It will prevent more serious complications.If treated and healed, your tongue piercing should return to normal after clearing up an infection. That’s because it’s normal for the tongue to swell and remain swollen for a week or more after getting pierced.Other infection symptoms can also be a normal part of the tongue piercing process, As mentioned, bacteria entering the piercing is the cause of tongue piercing infections. Just have to put up with it..

The swelling can also be accompanied with other symptoms that includes difficulties and chewing, swallowing or speaking.It is normal to experience some bleeding immediately and after few minutes after the piercing procedure. If your tongue piercing hurts underneath at the bottom, you may be suffering from:Before we can talk about how a piercing affects your tongue, we need to understand a bit about the Your tongue is a muscular organ made up of two muscles running next to one another and working in tandem. This can cause a slight injury at the bottom hole. Here are the most common signs of infection.Your tongue should NOT be so swollen that you have difficulty breathing. Inflammation is one way your body deals with healing.The thing is that inflammation can be your body coping with piercing trauma and healing, or it can be your body trying to fight an infection.If your piercing remains healthy, tenderness should gradually go away by the time your tongue piercing is healed.Your tongue may bleed a bit or discharge fluids while it heals.
It is therefore difficult to differentiate with symptoms and signs of an infection. The same will happen to the lymph nodes located around the neck when your tongue piercing becomes infected.

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