September 15, 2020

nimble nomad pocket trawler

Other additions include a barbecue grill, entertainment center and custom cabinetry.Boomer is powered by a 40-hp Honda 4-stroke mounted in an outboard well. With its 2' draft and Honda outboard, she is perfect for coastal cruising in SW Fla's skinny water. Anchor, fenders. "So we get to enjoy new cruising waters. I’d love to spend a weekend on the boat, at the slip, using it as a base of operations for touring the Boston area.I love your little Nomad, I think it’s awesome that you where able to pick it up for only $5.K…!It’s not every day you come across a buy like that.

"We started looking for a trailerable boat - rugged, comfortable, cheap on gas, with all the amenities of home," Palmer says. Anchor, fenders. As they narrowed their choices, the Nomad seemed to look better and better. Would love to know details about [1] type of paint used, [2] method of application – brush, spray, etc. November 26, 2013 45hp Honda outboard gas motor, cruises at 7-8 knots at an economical 1 gal. The 2,450-pound displacement boat cruises at 5 to 7 knots, and fuel usage is about 1.5 gallons an hour at 7 knots; it's less than a gallon an hour at 5 knots. “There is nothing, absolutely nothing, half so much worth doing as simply messing around in boats.” Kenneth GrahameFantastic job in finding and restoring this little gem. Typical nicks and scratches for 1992 Trawler, Very Good Condition 1992 NIMBLE VAGABOND Trawler, Tropical Edition in Very Good Condition, typical dings and scratches as should be expected with age. June 26, 2014 December 5, 2013

A terrific boat for “camping” solo, with a few reservations: it’s tight for more than one overnight; it’s terrible in rough water, and “rough” starts early in the flat-bottomed Nomad; 5-6 knots can get old after a while, but I kept telling myself the sailboaters would love to average that speed; it’s a lovely boat for cruising rivers and small bays, and for dropping the hook in a shallow cove. Very hard to find, pocket trawler! November 26, 2013 Keep the inspiration coming!I would just camp out in it while getting it to Florida!I have always wanted to live on a boat, now reading your story I’m feeling a bit more like it could become a possibility. Nomad Trawler. The refigerator is 12v/120V and the boat is equipped with shorepower. November 26, 2013 "The Nimble Nomad comes in two versions - the "Tropical," which features a varnished wood interior, teak-and-holly sole and teak doors, and the "Special" or "Standard", which has a more modest, wood-trimmed cabin. Thanks for sharing your story. The SeaBell was built by Nimble and is a 1995 Nomad model. After traveling the country in an RV, the two thought it might be fun to explore the nation's waterways, but in their own boat. 1993 Nomad with 2001 Honda 4 stroke 50hp. "The Nomad's standard layout is complete, but Palmer has added the amenities he and his wife wanted for cruising comfort.

Just under 25 feet, easy maintenance fiberglass with wood trim. We had a 42 foot trawler and spent many happy times on it. 1991 Nimble Nomad and Dico Tandem Trailer. Compass, GPS, and VHF radio. Seafarer sailboat…! Perfect for crui... Tampa, Florida.

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