September 15, 2020

parrots over puerto rico lesson plan

Ask students what they think the title means. Want to know more about us or have specific questions regarding our Teacher's Guides? Three such books you may wish to refer to are: GETTING STARTED WITH LITERATURE CIRCLES by Katherine L. Schlick Noe and Nancy J. Johnson (Christopher-Gordon, 1999), LITERATURE CIRCLES: VOICE AND CHOICE IN BOOK CLUBS AND READING GROUPS by Harvey Daniels (Stenhouse, 2002), and LITERATURE CIRCLES RESOURCE GUIDE by Bonnie Campbell Hill, Katherine L. Schlick Noe, and Nancy J. Johnson (Christopher-Gordon, 2000).1. What information do you think you might learn? What animals might be talked about? What did the scientists do when one of the chicks had damaged wings?16. How will you persuade the United States and Puerto Rican governments to set up an aviary for the parrots? This book is part of the Read for Success collection. To find other free activities that inspire young readers as well as learn more about Reading Is Fundamental, visit us at How does it help the parrots?7. What will you do to help the parrots? This book shows how people are now trying to help the parrots thrive again. The Comparing/Classifying/Measuring, Animal/Biodiversity/Plant Adaptations, Nature/Science, Nonfiction, Responsibility, Overcoming Obstacles, Multiethnic interest, Latino/Hispanic/Mexican Interest, History, Friendship, Evolution, Environment/Nature, Education, Conflict resolution, Animals, Exploring Ecosystems, How To, Human Impact On Environment/Environmental Sustainability , Informational Text, Leadership, Optimism/Enthusiasm, Persistence/Grit, Respect/Citizenship, Self Control/Self Regulation, Collaboration, Empathy/Compassion, Geography, Kindness/Caring, Pride, Similarities and DifferencesEnglish Informational Text Middle School, Environmental Collection, Bestsellers and Favorites Collection, High-Low Books for Preteens (Grades 4-6), High-Low Books for Teens (Middle and High School), Nonfiction Grades 3-6, Informational Nonfiction Grades 3-6, Nonfiction Collection Middle School, 25 Years Anniversary Collection, Appendix B Diverse Collection Grades 3-6, Climate Justice, Appendix B Diverse Collection Middle School, Latin American English Collection Grades 3-6, Responsibility/Leadership, Professor Nancy Cloud Curated Book Collection, Pedro Noguera Diverse Collection Grades 3-5, Social Activism Collection Grades PreK-2, Natural Disaster & Displacement Collection, Social Activism Collection

Ask students why they think the authors decided to structure the book this way.Take students on a book walk and draw attention to the following parts of the book: front and back covers, dedications, title page, illustrations, afterword, timeline, authors’ sources, and acknowledgments.Encourage students to consider why the authors would want to share this story with children.merchant ships    warships        colonies     commonwealthrural            jabbing            elected        governor    independent14. Imagine you are one of the first scientists to realize how endangered the Puerto Rican parrots are and you need to enlist help from the United States and Puerto Rican governments. Literacy Central is a free resource for parents, teachers and children thanks in part to the generous support of Macy’s. What advice would you give to improve how your school affects the environment? Begun in 1968, he PRPRP is a cooperative effort between the US Fish & Wildlife Service, the US Forest Service, the Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources, and the US Geological Survey.Survival rates of the parrots grow with each release. Take a picture walk. What can people do at home to help take care of the environment?1. Check out how to compare and contrast with Parrots Over Puerto Rico and Puffling Patrol . Parrots Over Puerto Rico is an informational text that uses colorful representations to portray the history of Puerto Rico. Write a letter, from the point of view of a scientist, asking for help. With striking collage illustrations, a unique format, and engaging storytelling, authors Susan L. Roth and Cindy Trumbore tell two intriguing stories: the fascinating history of Puerto Rico and the intertwined story of the rare parrots that live in the island’s treetops. Have students compare and contrast their community’s biome with the Puerto Rican parrots’ biome.

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