September 15, 2020

raising axis deer in texas

So, there you have it, Axis deer have a clear dietary advantage to In Texas, the majority of axis deer fawns are born from January to April following a 210-238 day gestation cycle. As mentioned above, Axis deer have been hunted in Texas for almost 90 years. Vocalizations are important in axis deer society and one of the most noticeable characteristics of this animal.Axis deer are more active by day than by night, with greatest activity occurring for two to three hours after dawn and again before dark. Originally from India, these large deer have a reddish hide with white spots with long, gently curved, three-pronged antler tines averaging up to 35″. u White-tailed deer are not as easily farmed since they It can be produced and marketed as fat free. It costs between $1,750 and $5,500 to hunt an Axis Buck and between $350 and $800 to hunt an Axis Doe. Other lodges will charge a daily rate in addition to the fee for the animal. Shooters,Stockers and does available. There are now over 150,000 Axis deer in Texas. Only one fawn is typically born during each pregnancy, but females go through estrous multiple times in one year. At times, ranches can harvest several animals at a time and have a USDA certified mobile meat processor come out and process the animals onsite. Axis venison is considered by many to be the finest venison in the world. I would claim that Axis Deer are the most popular exotic ungulate to hunt in Texas. Axis deer are known to occupy the same ecological niche as whitetail deer. These charges typically include the lodging, 3 hot meals/day (I’ve enjoyed my favorite meals at these ranches), as well as any alcohol. In Texas, the majority of axis deer fawns are born from January to April following a 210-238 day gestation cycle. Since deer adapt well to most terrain, acreage suitable for deer farming may be relatively inexpensive. A native of India, the Axis deer was introduced to ranches in the Texas Hill Country in the 1930's. Trophies/Record Axis are advertised at a premium generally from $4,200+ and are over 35”. The current record Axis is noted as being from India and had lengths of over 41”.If you own property and you’re looking to purchase live Axis Deer for stocking purposes you have several options. Axis are extremely susceptible to White-Muscle Disease and when stressed can become immobile, this can be fatal to the animal. The trapper will often require a markup on pricing of animals in addition to charging for capture and transportation.You can also go straight to an existing game ranch and ask about purchasing livestock from them directly. During the breeding period males bellow loudly and wander in search of receptive females. This means they compete with whitetail deer for available resources. All grazers were removed from each pasture and each pasture was then stocked with 6 White-Tailed Deer and 6 individuals of another species. reports that Axis deer meat was judged as the best tasting wild game meat by the Exotic Wildlife Association and that it contains less than 1% fat. The meat is finely textured and tender. This results in an ongoing production of fawns from the herd.According to a study by Texas Tech University, 80% of fawns are born between January and Mid-April There are some areas in the Hill Country where Axis do appear to outnumber White-tailed deer. Physical Address: Ranchers stock them for this purpose, and this practice explains their wide distribution in the state. Copyright © All rights reserved. levelled off, with the Axis maintaining a steady population and the White-tail Photographer: Troy D. Hibbitts Hunting free range axis deer is by permit only so local parks and wildlife authorities can monitor populations. Adult and young males will actively participate in the social structure of the herd. Mailing Address: Land can only produce a given quantity of vegetation to support grazers. In fact, I may argue that they are second only to Feral Hogs as a non-game species hunting target. Females mature sexually and first breed at fourteen to seventeen months of age. Between 1975 and 1976 the populations both Pricing variability depends on the buck’s size and on the accommodations provided by the ranch. As a sporting animal, the axis deer provides a fine trophy. The study ran for Published by the Texas State Historical Association. Deer consume less fodder than cattle, are less damaging to pastures, mature more quickly, and can reproduce for up to 20 years in captivity.

Axis Deer Axis Deer have become one of the most desired of hunted species in Texas. You’ve come to the right place to learn about Axis Deer!

Please take the time to look through some of the other articles on the site and share with anyone who would enjoy the same information. SPECIAL - Family 5 Meal Pack - Click Here to Order! Font size: A herd consists of two or more family groups. The deer now inhabit several of the Hawaiian Islands including Hawaii, The Axis is, without any doubt, the most beautiful deer in the world.

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