September 15, 2020

romeo 3 max vs sro

This reflex sight comes with a very well-designed slip-on cover that will keep the lenses clean.

This reflex sight sports a massive round lens with a special high-transmittance red notch reflector for incredible brightness, light transmittance and zero distortion. When the sight is turned on and detects no movement for two-minutes it goes to sleep, and the dot turns off. It’s predecessor People love having it on handguns and other low profile rifle and PCC setups.The ROMEO3 MAX also has a circular lens frame for enlarging the field of view and based on the engineering principle, the curved lens frame reduces concentrated stress on the frame, which makes it stronger.Compared to the ROMEO1, the ROMEO3MAX looks like a Both optics have superior lens coatings that protect the sight from scratches and fog. Cranking the brightness down to the fourth position from maximum provided a perfect dot under a noon sun. Sig Sauer Romeo Zero 1x Red Dot Sight, 3 MOA for P365/P365XL, Black, Small, SOR01300 (37) $259.99 $199.99 Save $60.00. As long as you put that thing away in the closet or the gun safe, it will turn off assuming there is no physical movement.When you need it, just grab it, and it’s on. It features 1x magnification, with an overall length of 2.1 inches, a width of 1.3 inches, a height of 1.4 inches and weighs 1.5 ounces. The Trijicon SRO top-loading battery redesign was my favorite feature that they added compared to the RMR, which requires the user to remove the sight for battery replacement.The Trijicon SRO has about 26,000 hrs using 1 CR20302 at setting 4 of 8, and the ROMEO3 MAX has just 20,000 hrs.Even though both of them don’t have 50,000 industry-standard hours, its recommended to replace the battery every year anyway.The Trijicon SRO will always be on and will never fail as long as the installation screws are tight, and the ROMEO3 MAX has something special called the MOTAC for the battery saving.Part of the battery saving perks that the ROMEO3 MAX has is the MOTAC feature. They’re small and easy to lose. Given that I have a well-documented history of losing small hex wrenches, I stopped by my local Ace Hardware store and picked up a couple of spares. Each click moves the sight 1 MOA. The included Picatinny rail mount allows for multiple mounting options. This sight is developed by the Team SIG Captain, In optic pistol shooting, the most important thing is mastering the fundamentals first, and the next is to track the dot inside the lens consistently.In the past, shooters always complained about the difficulty they have to overcome for tracking the red dot inside a small window, and some people adjust and tweak how they present the gun in order to pick up the red dot sight fast over and over again.This problem gives the shooter the chance to be more precise and proficient in training to get consistent results but having a large field of view makes things easier.The Trijicon SRO and Sig ROMEO3 MAX are made for the handgun for easier dot tracking, they’re great for USPSA competitions.Both reflex sights use a single CR2032 battery to power the thing. What that is doing is optimizing the battery life and make it ready when you needed it the most.Sig ROMEO3 MAX vs Trijicon SRO, which one is better?The ROMEO3 MAX’s large field of view is an amazing upgrade from the ROMEO3 and ROMEO1, and it’s Sig Sauer’s first product competing with the Trijicon SRO.Trijicon is made with industry toughest aerospace material 7075-T6 forged aluminum with top loading battery, each battery last about 3 years.The ROMEO3 MAX needs more time in the field for more testing before we can give it a good thumbs up.This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, Impact Radisu & ShareASale, these are affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon, Brownells and OpticsPlanet BADASSOPTIC © Copyright 2019 is a participant in the Services LLC Associates, Impact Radius & ShareASale Affiliate Programs, affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, &

Sig Sauer OPMOD Romeo5 X 1x20mm Compact Red Dot Sight, 2 MOA Dot Reticle, Flat Dark Earth SOR52111 (100) $239.99 $229.00 Save Up to $231.10. Red dot pistols in the past always had a problem with shooters not able to find the dot faster, a large window gives the shooter more room to work with.5 and 6 MOA dot sizes are favorable in competitive shooting,  2-3 MOA are great for target shooting, and 1 MOA is optimized for accuracy at distance.Sig ROMEO3 MAX has 12 illumination intensity levels that let you adjust the reticle both indoor and outdoor regardless of the lighting condition.The Trijicon SRO only has 6 visible LED & 2-night vision settings.Both sights are built to be ready in any condition.Large field of view is what the ROMEO3 MAX is going for. Both optics have a little blueish tint on the glass, but not so much that could distract what you’re doing.Two of these optics have great lens size at about 1X30mm. The Motion Activated Illumination System powers up the sight when it senses motion and it turns off when it does not.This is an awesome feature for someone who is OCD about whether if they forget to turn the sight off or not. I have used both optics at a local gun shop, and based on historic performance, I will go with the At the end of this post, you will learn the major differences between the two optics, and what new things Sig Sauer ROMEO3 MAX brings to the table.Fully ruggedized external construction, that can endure all kinds of physical rough handling. The Romeo3 Max (left) provides a noticeably-larger sight window than the Romeo1, but offers the same ease of operation. The Romeo3 Max battery slides in from the right side and provides a very positive contact that will prevent contact/bounce. Factoring in the stated adjustment increments, and translating MOA into 25-yard settings, I made a guess and cranked them in. The first three-round group was 5 inches low and 3 inches right. Reflex sights continue to be hot items in action shooting competition, and when SIG introduced its The sight features MOTAC (SIG’s Motion Activated Illumination System). I have used both optics at a local gun shop, and based on historic performance, I will go with the Trijicon SRO for long battery life and accuracy, until we get … The Romeo3 Max ($719.99) is available with either a 3 or 6 MOA dot.

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