September 15, 2020

samsung washer stuck on 11 minutes

Did filter clean, self clean+. It gets stuck at several times through a wash cycle (e.g., 11 minutes) and after a few minutes of …

Re: Washer stuck in spin cycle WF45K6500A Hi, My washing machine is stuck on 9 minutes on the spin program. Cleaned everything, recalibrated. Re: Washer stuck in spin cycle WF45K6500A If not, and if the "Extra Spin" button being on moves it through a complete cycle, just leave it on. I have read this looks to be a common problem with this model. This is normal, your appliance is detecting an unbalanced spin - especially when the timer is sticking at 9min.Generally caused by washing single items or a small number of items with one heavier (when wet) item - this creates an unbalance during spin, the washing machine automatically stops and tries to balance the load (chucking the stuff around back and forward a few times) but ultimatley if the load is too unbalanced it will eventually just stop. So this ordeal w/o washer for 3+ weeks is already taking toll.

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Does this occur on all cycles?No error messages at all.

Re: Washer stuck in spin cycle WF45K6500A

I cleared the filter and cleared the drum. The washer should then go through a normal complete cycle.

I ask myself if the shock absobers aren't worn already.It's a washing machine of €800.

Stuck in spin, rinse, spin, rinse.

We bought the washer on 05-19-17 so its only over a year old and I’m concerned Samsung will not honor a fix. First diagnosis that motor went wrong, cosnsumed more than a week, after replacting motor, washer went completely dead.

First noticed this morning, it was fluctuating between 6 and 11 minutes, so assume it has to be Spin cycle.Run Quick Wash and now it is doing 16 and 19 minutes back and forth during Rinse.So stopped the washer, power it off, change cycle from Quick Wash to Rinse+Spin.Now new cycle is 19 minutes, came down to 7 minutes to Spin cycle and now back to 12 again, repeating the morning behavior between 7 and 12.Already called support line and submit my initial purchase receipt from last June and it is so strange literally used for little over a year and facing this problem.

You can private message us Cole, When I get home today from work I will send you the serial number.

Re: Washer stuck in spin cycle WF45K6500A Our washer is constantly getting stuck on the last spin cycle and reverting back to rinse and spin.

Do you have any idea what is going on?

Re: Washer stuck in spin cycle WF45K6500A

Re: Washer stuck in spin cycle WF45K6500A SAMSUNG WASHING MACHINE PROBLEM: ... My Samsung Model# WF409ANW/XAA was stuck at 19 minutes for 3 hours during the wash cycle.

Its stuck in the spin cycle. You must be signed in to add attachments

Also there is no error code in display whatsoever.Just run calibration and will post if behavior changes after calibration.Edit after 2 hours from Calibration, Run normal mode and during rinse it is going back and forth between 12 and 15 minutes mark and I had recorded 5 minutes of video as well if Samsung is inetrested in seeing it.Edit: 8/20/18.

Is there a fix?I have a wf56h9100 and it does the same thing. You do not have permission to remove this product association.Samsung WW70k5210UX stuck on 9 minutes on spin programSamsung WW70k5210UX stuck on 9 minutes on spin program

Thanks for letting us know that this has helped you.

Samsung tech support was supposed to call me back at 530pm yesterday to trouble shoot and no one called.

It gets stuck when I put one towel inside. I cleared the filter and cleared the drum. Help please Thank you, I do wanna inform you that your washer also includes the sticker decal in the inside by the door.

Yes it seems to occur in every cycle.

If it does, then repairs are recommended.

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