September 15, 2020

sao fatal bullet bounty farming

This will cost less than directly enhancing a high tier legendary.When you want your final weapon sets, you can get a rank 5 version of the weapon and upgrade.

See all. If not fighting enemies, setting your ArFA-sys to supportive skills and gadgets can give them some skill proficiency as well.For more efficiency, you can work on 4 gadgets and 4 skills of each weapon type each time you leave town. If the second group does not respawn, your loop will go back to the first spawn point.Now, the alternatives here if the second group does respawn is to pick any 3 points and run between them. You can party option such as don't attack to have your allies group up on you if you need to reposition them.You want enemies that won't pose a threat to you, but that can easily kill your allies. Run along the mountain back and forth between the two spawns including the Queen (and don't waste time/ammo shooting anything but the Queens). If combat has ended, you can teleport right back. In addition, the handgun weapons art gives you a cooldown reduction buff, potentially having some skills cooldown faster than the animation.It is recommended that you train skills with short cooldowns that you will not use often first and save frequently used skills for later as they will naturally level and you might not have enough CP early on to really reduce the cooldowns with Int.For long cooldown skills, reloading the area may be faster than waiting for the cooldown.A tip for skill orders is to first work on skills exclusive to a weapon type that you don't normally use and work on gadgets at the same time.

More like this. Drop rate boosts can help as drops increase bounty. As a recommendation, focus on using skills to do damage as these can do decent damage rapidly, allowing for safer prof gains.This method is simple.

Easiest and most boring way to do it is to teleport to Sands entrance (Solitary Sands IL-951) and UFG directly behind you. This could be 1,2,3,2, repeat (green line) or 1/3,2,4,2, repeat (green + yellow line) or even doing a full cycle.For those with faster load times, you might do reload each cycle to guarantee the second group spawning and to reset all your cooldowns. On a positive note, you can combine this with Support Medal farming and Skill Proficiency grinding.Some players may find that bounty grinding is more efficient.For those with fast load times, it may be possible to grind proficiency quickly by entering a map, killing an enemy, then returning to town, repeating this until all allies are maxed. If you get a good Epic or Legendary of the type of weapon you want, great. These sub quests usually require you to kill a player who is of a high level. And even if you did, you have 10 potential respawns.Find the highest hp NM you can, such as Sea Watchtower's boss and bring a tank or two and a healer or two. Note: When possible, try to combine as many farming methods as possible for near-maximum efficiency.Farming weapons is fairly simple, fight enemies that drop weapons, collect them, keep any with good attributes, sell the rest. © Valve Corporation.

All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet > General Discussions > Topic Details. You can bring some status skills and weapons to also gain attack medals.Go to Remnant Wastelands fields Cave on the highest difficulty where you can quickly kill all the enemies and near the cave, kill everything in a circle as they'll respawn quickly. You can spawn at either SBC Flugel Gate or the Forgotten Woods entrance.From the Entrance, you would run Northward towards the cliff, UFG up and then run towards the NPC Players. Additionally, stun, poison, and blaze can be useful if you want to combine medal farming.If you have no buffs, use Power Field 3 on yourself.Start with Graviton 3, follow with Graviton 2, and then Nemesis 3 and then Graviton 1 (or whatever fourth attack skill you brought if any). Alternatively, you can fight a NM that can be despawned and despawn it when the health gets low.Alternatively, fight enemies such as in the fourth field or the fourth field dungeons in Extreme mode.

These will allow you to keep firing at a rapid pace and also lets you inflict burn. Note: This will not guarantee anything, all it does is push the RNG towards your favor.You can get a drop rate promise ring from the bounty reward system, so it may be worth doing bounties on a second character for a second ring although it can take some time.

May 17, 2019 @ 10:54am For solo farming... 1) Low level accessory farming …

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