September 15, 2020

sleep like a baby meme

Those bags under my eyes are permanent. This is the kind of tired that is going to take years to bounce back from.If this is accurate, everyone in the family is now a toddler. Next thing you know they’ll be telling you that you can only wear leggings on Fridays.You might be battered, bruised, and even a little emotionally broken, but those kids are finally in bed. Partying and just staying up because I was young and reckless? Plus, if you play your cards right, you can stay on the couch all night and let your partner deal with the late-night wakeups.Do people actually wake up feeling refreshed? Those were tiring, yes. And, to be honest, I couldn’t even be bothered to spray in some dry shampoo today.Sure, some banana bread would have been nice, but sleep is nicer. So, I thought, on a night when all I want to do is finish my blog post before Mad Men starts, reposting the funniest baby memes seems like the perfect way to do it. Now is the time to rest up for another day of battle tomorrow.After kids, there is no “Netflix & Chill,” there is only “passing out 30 minutes into that movie you’ve been wanting to see for a year, but never had the chance to.” If you’re really romantic, it’s followed by “waking up to go to your bed without brushing your teeth or washing your face.”Call it intuition, psychic abilities, or evidence-based research. Maybe the secret to enduring sleep deprivation is his diet of candy and maple syrup?Getting up in the morning after a long night only to fight to get the kids dressed and fed before the day is hard work. Takes Boyfriend's Phone While He's Sleeping Funny Meme Photo For Whatsapp. If you are looking for Funny Sleep Memes … 39. Sleeping Like A Boss Funny Image. Sleeping Baby Funny Meme Image For Facebook. My last full night of sleep was sometime long before my first positive pregnancy test, well over three years ago. The collection of Funny Sleep Memes and pictures. These are the top viral and trending meme over the internet and social media like Facebook and WhatsApp. Below is the top best meme collection for funny sleep. Once you’re past the late-night feedings, you’re at the early morning wakeups, and then the 7 am soccer games, and before you know it you’ll be fighting with them to get out of bed every morning so they’re not late for high school.Some days you wake up and immediately start a countdown until bedtime so you can go back to sleep. Those self-inflicted all-nighters? Sleeps For Thirty Minutes Funny Meme Image. And if you feel the same way, then you'll appreciate these memes about being sleep deprived. Who can shine in those conditions? At least I could sleep in till noon the next day. Jul 19, 2015 - Hilarious baby sleep quotes. I stopped putting an alarm clock. Getting up in the morning after a long night only to fight to get the kids … It’s like a weird version of
Funny Sleep Memes. Ah, sleep. If you're a parent too, you probably have the same dreams of a full night's sleep, and these You see, I thought I knew what exhaustion meant before having kids. That Awesome Feeling. 38. mom memes continues with this ” when your kid is sleeping in a pose that is not possible. Well, which is it?! It seems pretty clear that sleep is, in fact, essential, and every parent would like a little more of it.Every parent has those nights where they lay their baby down to sleep, and it’s like they just know it’s going to be a long one. Do any parents even remember what a solid night of sleep is like? 37. Is that a thing?

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