September 15, 2020

uncharted 3 drake's deception walkthrough

Jump from chandelier to chandelier, then pull the switch on the other side to open the gates to the "Atlantis of the Sands." Swing across to a platform and leap over to a ledge then drop down a vertical pipe just as your target enters a building. Grab as much ammo as you need before proceeding.Climb up to the bridge and cross it, then immediately take cover and shoot the incoming guards. Among them is an armored shotgun-wielder, so use grenades if needed.When you cross the bridge, another wave of enemies will move in. Move left and swing across again, then climb down the giant chain into the water. In the upstairs area, continue check all of the exhibits except the one in the center to get "Quick Study," another bronze trophy.After being kicked out, first head to the blue car and pick up an ANTIQUE COLOMBIAN SOUP LADLE in the doorway behind it. Now swim across to Sully and Chloe and get back to the globe room. After they're down, climb up the ledges to the left of the waterfall. They're looking for you!Take the first guard down with a stealth attack while still in the well, dropping him down to his death. When you come to a waterfall just past the stream, drop down into a narrow pass that will take you around.
The treasure, by the way, is an ANTIQUE CUFF BRACELET. A Dragon Sniper is conveniently placed nearby to help you out, and once you dispatch the rocketeers, a barrage of headshots can make a big difference in bringing down that armor.

Completing this battle ends this co-op mission.This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances (except Perform a sneak attack on the guard on your left, then continue on the outer balcony to collect a GEORGIAN ENGLISH COMPASS. Now carry Nate to the statue in the middle of the area, which triggers another wave. Best way to take him out is with a grenade. Afterward, take shelter in the shadow below the rock.During the next night, Nathan will be struggling to keep warm as you continue your march, and finally he will collapse. Finish the enemies populating the area and collect any weapons you want, then run ahead to the gate.As soon as you enter, a CARVED SABAEAN FACE can be found to your left. You also might want to save some shots for the upcoming fights. Tap Triangle to free yourself, then swim to a vent and repeat the same motion to remove it. Use the left stick to push it up against the wall, then use it to climb over and continue until a scene begins.Approach the green shutter door with painstaking patience, then climb the pipe nearby. Among the harder enemies are a brute, whom you can kill easily with a shotgun, and two armored foes with SPAS-12s, a better shotgun that you'll want to pick up when they drop it.After the fight, climb a pillar with Sully's help, then jump across and climb back up to the ladder. From here, you can snipe enemies on the ground with relative ease. Elena or Tenzin). Climb up to the ledge above the painting of a bird man riding a horse for a VICTORIAN COPPER PENNY and the "Appprentice Fortune Hunter" bronze trophy, if you've gotten every treasure thus far. Once he goes down, move up to the bridge and take cover so you can shoot the enemies as they cross. First, grab the ANTIQUE BOXING MEDALLION from the slot machine, which will earn you the "First Treasure" bronze trophy. Now approach the green shutter door and open it.Apporach Cutter to investigate the tire tracks. Eventually, you will reach the lead vehicles, which look different from the rest. Drake will order Sully and Elena over to the furthest pillars, so you need only to pull the nearest one that's marked on the drawing.As you pass through the doorway that appears, just as you reach the next room, look to your left for a hidden SILVER AND LEATHER DAGGER.

At once. Shoot one of the enemy vehicles, then continue to the next building on the left with an RPG to finish the other. Grabber enemies will run at you, so take them out from your cover position. The GOLD INLAY CAMEO BUNGLE is behind a low wall here. Now drop down to the ground and collect a RUBY AND DIAMOND RING in a pile of rubble on the left. Don't lose him or go the wrong way, or the police will catch you. Once those foes are down (and hopefully some of their weapons drop down to you), a small third wave will burst in, and then you'll be done.Exit through the door that the last wave entered from. Specifically, the T-Bolt Sniper, a new addition to your arsenal, should prove most effective.After the fight, climb up to the blue roof using some nearby crates. When the enemies are down, I suggest dropping the heavy weapon and continuing, as it will just slow you down.Once you reach the stairs past the next gate, you'll encounter one wave of enemies coming from ahead, and the other from behind.

There are three unsuspecting guards ahead, which could potentially mean three stealth kills if your team times it right. Run and jump along the path until you are once again knocked down by a rocket.Head around to the right and stealthfully eliminate the patrolling guard, then continue. When you reach the door, you'll try and fail to get it open. guide may be only be hosted at CheatCC.Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ The AMBER AND SILVER NECKLACE comes just after you leave the market, in a corner behind the buildings on the right. Continue to the next wooden door and bust it open. Shoot down the glinting treasure for a MARBLE DOUBLE EYE IDOL. Answers to all of the puzzles in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. Collect the grenade launcher or T-Bolt Sniper from the nearby bridge to fight back. Similarly to these popular heroes, Drake comes out of many seemingly hopeless and deadly situations not only thanks to his tremendous resourcefulness, but also due to his incredible luck.

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