September 15, 2020

what is the song lily by alan walker about

With this creature. I think lily is a sheltered girl, that ran away from home and met with a stranger. rewards, status updates and get feedback from our community. The thing wants "Lily", it wants her to trust it, but why would it say something like "be under my control" to someone who wants freedom?


No, No, No. So she runs away again one night. + Raping is scary. Don't be like Lily. +

(feat. + She "Started screaming, is there someone out there? Finally her Mother finds her but its too late cos she's hanging from the tree dead.

Lyrics to 'Lily' by Alan Walker: Lily was a little girl Afraid of the big, wide world She grew up within her castle walls Now and then she tried to run And then on the night with the setting sun

Just like in the song, lily was a lil girl who afraid and live in castle etc. This is easily seen by the way the lyrics at the beginning of the song are portrayed: “Lily was a little girl, afraid of the big wide world. make sense? Is like te Booker "Where te trees sing" because old the lircys is literaly trinos Thatcher ocurres in the book, the only thing that is diferent is the nave ofertas the girl that in the book is Viana and not lily .... is the meaning that ir thing that the song have A man contacts her and tells her he is safe, she thinks back to what her parents and friends told her and she tries to escape but he tells her not to tell anyone and he will find her. The song is about love and the insecurities this woman has. Lily is a little kid and this story is like red riding hood type with a twist as she goes into the woods and is greeted by this magical being (evil spirit/ghost) which promises to give lily a happy life like she always dreams of like in the movies she has watched which have a happily ever after theme however this evil spirit wants to take control of her and she needs to let her in her for it to work and when she snaps and sees what is happening she gets scared and that is when she realizes what has happened (ice breaking) then she screams but none can hear her as she is alone. I'm pretty sure this is an allegory for drug addiction.

I don't know).

I think Lily is about a girl who is very sheltered, her family warns her about how scary and bad a... Little girls and boys going on the internet without anyone knowing after their parents telling them about the dangers. She ran into a place where everyone told her not to go, but for what reason she went there, we don't know.

For other uses, see But as time goes by, her curiosity grew, which lead her to run away from home. Lily realized too late she traveled long and far and tried running back to the castle walls and the last you hear is the screams of Lily as she is completely lost in the woods. She tries to be out going and step out of her comfort zone but it never works. people of believer are trying to warned and told 'magic story' that this 'creature- a person' who lived between 2 mountain(which we do not know) alone which soon will come out to the world.

Then it broke, and she awoke again". The woods are not literal it is a metaphor for something mysterious, Such as the outside world and we know all know that the outside world is mysterious to her. I believe that the lyrics behind Lily is about a girl, named Lily (duh not surprisingly) who lives a luxurious life, and had never seen the outside world. Creatures hiding in the dark are meant to be the bad people in the world. It latches on you and it creeps up subconsciously.

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