September 15, 2020

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“They”, those who are behind the UN’s Agenda 21, create the conditions for this disaster, according to The war against humanity today is not fought in the battlefields as in the past. Agenda 2030: Delivering the Global Goals The UK Government’s approach to delivering the Global Goals: at home and around the world. © 2020 Presse- und Informationsamt der Bundesregierung Mit Matomo werden keine Daten an Server übermittelt, die außerhalb der Kontrolle des Bundespresseamts liegen.Das Tool verwendet Cookies. There was a total media backout on this. Darüber hinaus können Sie Cookies für Statistikzwecke zulassen. The UK was at the forefront of negotiating the Goals and will be at the forefront of delivering them.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was launched by a UN Summit in New York on 25-27 September 2015 and is aimed at ending poverty in all its forms. Thanks! My book I used some brilliant memes in this article that I couldn’t find their creators. People, especially teenagers and young people, are increasingly dying of brain cancer because of the increased exposure to EMF/RF radiation, according to More and more Israelis, including children, report various aches and medical conditions, which emerge when they are in the presence of mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers or cell towers, according to Firefighters shared their testimonies of damages after cell tower was installed near their station, according to 5G will emit 10 times more radiation as it will use frequencies which are “ten times higher than those used by current network technologies” according to These high frequencies will not replace the current ones but will be added to the existing network. per Twitter teilen, Ziele für eine nachhaltige Entwicklung weltweit My name is Shoshi Herscu, an investigative journalist, Israeli activist, and a writer. A small dose of microwave radiation is more dangerous than a high dose of such radiation. Sie können die Einige Cookies sind notwendig, um Ihnen die grundlegenden Funktionen dieser Webseite bereitzustellen und können daher nicht deaktiviert werden.Wir nutzen auf unserer Internetseite das Open-Source-Software-Tool Matomo. Unter der Agenda 21 versteht man ein Aktionsprogramm der Vereinten Nationen.Von 178 Staaten auf der Konferenz für Umwelt und Entwicklung der Vereinten Nationen (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro 1992 beschlossen, setzt es Leitlinien für das 21. The Goals were agreed by193 member states of the United Nations (UN) in September 2015 and apply to every country.The UK Government is firmly committed to delivering the Goals both at home and around the world. We’ll send you a link to a feedback form.
This isn’t an exaggeration. Here’s my new “dumb” phone Nokia 3310.I’m doing this to stop the slippery path to 5G total control, digital prison, and enslavement.

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You can see in the following pictures how they cut trees in the UK, Serbia, and in other places. It’s forced upon us. It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. The Sustainable Development Goals are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and improve the lives and prospects of everyone, everywhere. The 2030 Agenda, as the successor framework to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), follows the adoption in July of the Addis Ababa Action Agenda (Addis Agenda), a roadmap to help countries identify, attract and access diverse sources of development finance to realize the 2030 Agenda.

© 2020 Presse- und Informationsamt der Bundesregierung Try to use a “dumber” phones – landline and previous cell phone generations.I ditched my smartphone this week although I love it. , Ziele für eine nachhaltige Entwicklung weltweit Further increases in exposures will be more rapidly self-destructive.”However, it also poses serious health risks, as it will create “an expanded electromagnetic microwave blanket above each city.”  according to Not only will people suffer more from this increased radiation forced upon us without our consent or informing us, but it is also leading to complete control and 24/7 surveillance by the state just as in China’s smart cities, according to “It’s the building block to a world where everything that can be connected will be connected — where driverless cars talk to smart transportation networks and where wireless sensors can monitor your health and transmit data to your doctor. We live in an increasingly irradiated environment (radiation soup) with all the smartphones, tablets, Wi-Fi networks, and cell towers and their microwave transmissions. The underlying aims of the Goals are reflected in the UK Government’s programme of work, and as such they are being embedded in Single Departmental Plans (SDP).This document provides an overview and examples of how the UK Government is contributing to the delivery of each of the Goals.Don’t include personal or financial information like your National Insurance number or credit card details.To help us improve GOV.UK, we’d like to know more about your visit today.

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