September 15, 2020

you are operating a pwc you are heading straight towards a dock

The dock (when returning to the dock). You are operating a PWC. Who is responsible for maintaining a sharp lookout?41. You see a white buoy with an orange square and black lettering. A PWC capsizes.

Which way will the PWC go?The motor on a PWC is running. 23. You assess the situation and determine that you are the give-way vessel.

It will turn sharply to the left. According to Florida law, which agency must approve PFDs (life jackets)?39.

You turn the engine off and then turn the steering control hard right. What is most likely to create a blind spot that blocks other boats from seeing you? What piece of equipment on a boat is most important in preventing propeller strike injuries?6.

Which storage method best meets this requirement?PFDs are kept where they can be grabbed quickly by anyone on board.Which of these circumstances would require you to report a boating accident to the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission?Damage to your boat is more than $2,000 as the result of a boating accident.What is required for a person younger than 26 years old to legally operate, unaccompanied, a vessel with a motor of 10 horsepower or more?By law, how far away must a vessel stay from a displayed diver-down flag?What are vessels less than 65.6 feet in length required to carry?whistle or horn or some other means to make a sound signalAll vessels must have one Type I, II, or III U.S. Coast Guard-approved PFD for each person on board or being towed. What color is this marker?57. What does this marker tell you?Which symbol on a regulatory marker is used to mark a swimming area?Orange crossed diamond symbol on a regulatory marker is used to mark a swimming area.

A. drive shaft .

What sound signal should you make?You are boating near shore at twilight. You see red, green, and white lights on another boat. What should you do if the motor on your boat catches fire?31. Your boat gets swamped far from shore.

You are operating a PWC. attaching the lanyard of a lanyard-type engine cut-off switch to the operator's PFDB. Take early and substantial action to keep well away.According to Florida regulations regarding obstructions to navigation, it is illegal to attach your vessel to which of the following?59. Which way will the PWC go? A PWC capsizes. What type of fire will be put out by this extinguisher?If you are involved in a boating accident, immediately after alerting authorities, what must you do?According to Ohio law, what age person may operate a personal watercraft without a supervisor on board?If you see a displayed diver-down flag while boating, what distance from the flag should be maintained?By law, what age children must wear a USCG-approved Type I, II, III, or V PFD when underway on any vessel under 18 feet long?What is the speed limit for all Ohio state parks (if you are NOT operating between sunrise and sunset in designated speed zones, ski zones, or open zones)?Under Ohio law, a boat operator 21 years of age or older is considered to be intoxicated if the blood alcohol concentration is at what level?What minimum distance must be maintained from a U.S. Navy boat?How should you approach a dock when the wind or current is pushing you toward the dock?Approach parallel to the dock and allow the wind or current to push you in.What should you do after fueling your boat and before starting the engine?OPEN all windows and hatches.

You lose all steering control when the engine is idling or shut off.Which part of a PWC is dangerous to your hands, feet, and hair?By law in the State of Florida, anyone born on or after  and have in his/her possession photographic identification and a Which of the following is legal when operating a PWC?42. You turn the engine off and then turn the steering control hard right. What is the important safety information found on a boat's capacity plate?26.

Successfully complete an approved boating safety course and to obtaining have on board a Florida Boating Safety Education ID Card and Photographic ID card.A.

It is illegal to:17. B It will turn sharply to the left. B. You are operating a PWC. A. None. You see a square-shaped daymark. You are heading straight toward a dock. You turn the engine off and then turn the steering control hard right. You turn the engine off and then turn the steering control hard right. What happens when a PWC's steering control is turned to the right?50. 12.

You are traveling upstream on a river. Both vessels must give way.Which navigation instrument is useful for steering when land is out of sight?An inboard engine backfires. It will continue straight toward the dock. What color is this marker?Inland Waters Obstruction Markers are white with black vertical stripes and indicate an obstruction to navigation. You are operating a PWC.

Which way will the PWC go? This area should be strictly off limits. Which way will the PWC go? What is needed for steering control on a PWC? You see a buoy with both red and green bands. What three ingredients are required to ignite a fire?51.

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